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Donate Goods

When you choose to donate to WINS, you're not only decluttering your space but also supporting a worthy cause. Give your new and gently-used items the opportunity to serve those who are in need and donate them to WINS.

Are you ready to donate? Check out our Collector Services.

Give your new and gently-used items a second chance

By giving your new and gently-used items a second chance, you contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future. Your donation can provide affordable and quality items to individuals and families who may not have the means to purchase them at retail prices. Whether it's clothing, furniture, or household items, WINS ensures that your generous contributions go to those in need. So, when you're considering where to give away your belongings, think of WINS and be a part of a compassionate community that believes in the power of giving.

Your goods donation may be eligible for a tax receipt.  If you have any questions about your donation’s eligibility for a tax receipt, please email us


Where to donate

WINS accepts donations of new and gently-used clothing, household goods, and furniture. Clothing and household goods are accepted at ALL WINS Thrift stores including our Donation Centre. Furniture and household goods can be dropped off at our Dover, Macleod, or Donation Centre locations.

Donations are accepted one hour before our Stores close.

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How to donate

Clothing and household goods are accepted at ALL WINS Thrift Stores including our Donation Centre. New and gently-used furniture, mattresses, and household items can be dropped off at our Dover, Macleod, or Donation Centre locations.


Please review the list of WINS' accepted goods, prior to donation, as not all item donations can be accepted.

WINS Donation Centre

Established in 2020, our Donation Centre is the heart of WINS' mission to connect women and their families with resources to thrive. Here, we house a vast array of donations generously contributed by individuals like yourself. Our Donation Centre serves as a hub of hope, where we sort, organize, and distribute these items to those in need. It's also the space where our Warehouse Ready Program comes to life. 

At our Donation Center, volunteers play a crucial role in helping us fulfill our mission. They generously offer their time and skills, working alongside our dedicated staff to sort, categorize, and prepare items for distribution. Together, we create a vibrant community that embodies the spirit of compassion and giving. Join us at our Donation Centre, where your contributions and volunteer efforts make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.


This is where we:

  • accept and sort ALL donated goods and furniture from Calgarians like you

  • invite big volunteer groups and conduct corporate events with our partners

  • house our bulk thrifting More Store, for more information, visit the More Store page

Our Location

137 - 7007 54th St SE (Bay 26)
Calgary AB T2C 3C2

Phone: (403) 255-5102 Ext: 203


Monday - Sunday  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Now open on Statutory Holidays

Your donation of gently used garments helps families in need put clothes on their backs.

together, everyone


Looking for more information on what you can donate? Visit our Donation Information page today.

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