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Elevating Impact: The Volunteer Force Behind WINS

At WINS, volunteers play a crucial role in our mission, generously sharing their time, energy, and skills. Their dedicated contributions play a pivotal role in expanding the reach of our efforts. By joining our volunteer force, individuals and groups extend a helping hand that amplifies our impact on women and their families. Through this collective effort, we provide the support needed to cultivate lasting stability and bring happiness and fulfillment to countless lives. Your role as a volunteer is not just essential; it is transformative for both you and the community we serve.

Why do we love volunteering at WINS?



What I love most about WINS is the people. They are all warm, friendly, and welcoming, and they truly care about the work they do. Volunteering with WINS has given me so much satisfaction, knowing that I'm making a real difference in the lives of others.



I always look forward to the days I’m volunteering at the store because I always feel like I belong here. I feel accepted for who I am.  It means a lot to me to be able to fill that social need and search for something meaningful in my life.



I love volunteering with WINS because it is a phenomenal organization. They help women and their families and I'm glad I get to be part of it. The staff and fellow volunteers are all such a joy to work with.

Unlock Your Volunteer Potential at WINS!


Welcome to WINS Volunteers Community, where passion meets purpose. Dive into diverse roles at our Thrift Stores, Community Resource Hubs, Donation Centre, or Head Office.

Love fashion? Our thrift stores need you.

Prefer organizing? Join the WINS Donation Centre team.

Be a catalyst for empowerment. Apply now, spark a difference, and uplift Calgary's community!

For more information please email or call (403)255-5102 ext. 258

Team Up for Good: Group Volunteering at WINS

Volunteering isn't just impactful—it's an incredible team-building experience. Whether you're with your colleagues, church, student club, or community group, join hands to make a difference together.

Gather a group of up to 15 volunteers per shift and lend a hand at our Donation Centre, sorting items for House to Home, or at our Thrift Stores supporting both WINS and our vital women's programs.

Ready to make a lasting impact with your team? Sign up using our Group Application Form.

Volunteer Board of Directors

At WINS, our Board of Directors is a dynamic mix of accomplished leaders from nonprofit and for-profit backgrounds. They are strongly committed to our vision, mission, and brand pillars. We are currently not recruiting new members of the Board of Directors. If you're interested in contributing your expertise, please check out our other volunteer opportunities.

2023 Highlights: WINS Volunteers in Action


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