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Collector Services for
Women in Need Society (WINS)

WINS is always thankful for the generosity of our donors. The items provided allow WINS to continue offering programs and services supporting those in need within our communities. In order to get your donations to WINS, you are able to drop them off at our Donation Centre or at any of our WINS Thrift stores located throughout Calgary.


Should you wish to have someone pick up your donations – especially for those larger items such as furniture and the like – WINS has partnered with select firms that offer professional collection services for a fee. The firms are noted below to allow you to contact them directly to arrange for collection of your goods.


Those qualifying donated goods will be brought to one of the following WINS’ locations: Dover Thrift Store, MacLeod Thrift Store or WINS Donation Centre.

Calgary Collector Services

WINS has selected a number of firms to assist with the collection of goods. The listings of those providing our Collector Services can be found below.


The Junk Movement

The Junk Movement is a family-owned business in Calgary, built on the notion of revolutionizing the junk removal industry by providing community-orientated junk removal services that promote sustainability and community engagement.


BE&P Services

BE&P Services is a local family-owned and operated company that merges a passion for recycling and sustainability with community impact. Their foundation and core values are based on creating a culture of diverting waste and minimizing environmental impact.


Junk Doctor Calgary

Junk Doctor is a Calgary-based small business focused on providing affordable and professional removal services. Mention ‘WINS10’ when contacting Junk Doctor to learn more.

For more information on how the pickup process works, check out our Frequently Asked Questions about donating to Women in Need Society (WINS).

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