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Employment Services

We believe in potential and progress. If you are looking to begin your employment journey in Calgary but not quite sure where to start, our Employment Services are here to support you.

Looking to start a fulfilling career?

Retail Ready and Warehouse Ready are programs that equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to find fulfilling employment in Calgary.


Retail Ready

Finding stable, full time employment is often a barrier for many individuals looking to become self-sufficient. Retail Ready teaches participants the ins and outs of the retail industry to help them confidently secure employment. The six-week program offers a mix of classroom and in-store training at WINS thrift stores to give participants hands-on experience.

Warehouse Ready

Similarly, Warehouse Ready helps participants gain education and experience for employment in the warehouse industry. This includes training for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, forklift operation, and other essential certifications, as well as on the job experience at our Donation Centres.

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Did you know our Donation Centre are staffed by volunteers and students from our Employment Services?

together, everyone

Looking for more information about our Donation Centre? Visit our Donations page today.

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