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WINS is here for you. Our Community Support is designed to provide you with access to essential everyday needs and a diverse range of resources to thrive. We believe in your potential and progress, which is why we offer programs to help with what you need the most and services that enhance skills you already have, enabling you to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Pillars of Support

Students in Cafeteria

Making Connections

Building healthy relationships through supportive environments where people can connect and foster relationships

Holding Hands

Accessing Programs

Creating nurturing environments for people to connect, learn, and develop a plan for their next step

Coffee Shop Assistant

Managing Goals

Transform and elevate your journey by honing existing skills and cultivating new ones through our employment services

Who we help

WINS provides compassionate listening and guidance, access to support, and referrals to women, men, and their families who may be facing barriers. Our Community Support is here to help those who may need:

  • Basic needs support

  • Skill building

  • Goal management

  • Compassionate listening

  • Parent support

  • Employment guidance

  • Community resources access

  • Community referrals

  • Advocacy support

  • Emotional Support

Community Support


Sometimes, life can get too much and you just need help managing your time and emotions. Our services are designed to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Our Support Workers are capable of helping you feel more confident and support your goals for yourself and your family.

Employment Services


You feel like you are ready to explore career opportunities in retail or warehouse industries but you are quite unsure where to start. Our employment services are designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your journey. We do this through classroom training and on-the-job experience, along with resume writing and practice interviews.

It's outside our work hours but you need immediate help? Click the button below to connect with Alberta Help (211).

Did you know our Donation Centre are staffed by volunteers and students from our Employment Services?

together, everyone

Looking to create your own impact? Visit our Donate Funds page.

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