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4 Great Reasons to Shop at a WINS Thrift Store

This World Environment Day, we at WINS thought we would share our pro tips for taking care of ourselves and the environment at the same time. Picture this: comfy thrifted threads, a cool glass of homemade lemonade, and a guilt-free conscience knowing you're living sustainably when you shop at WINS' thrift stores. When everything feels chaotic in Cowtown, there's no better time to hit pause for some self-care, thrifting, and sustainability. Here are four ways to a happier you and a healthier planet, one thrifted treasure at a time!

Save Money AND Look Great when You Shop at WINS' Thrift Stores

friends with thrifted finds

The first reason to shop at a WINS thrift store is to save money. Have fun turning up great finds and treat yo'self on a budget. You can absolutely sport amazing second hand looks without emptying your bank account, which has the added bonus of reducing financial stress. It's a win-win!

Thrift with Friends to Boost Your Mood

friends having fun thrifting

If you've had a case of cabin fever, feeling irritable and restless at home, then getting out with your friends on a thrifting adventure could improve your day and your mental health! Grab your crew and hit up a WINS thrift store with a checklist of "impossible" finds. It's like a scavenger hunt on steroids! From vintage treasures to old Flames jerseys, you never know what gems you'll mine when you thrift our gently used stock. Our second hand stores are treasure troves just waiting to be discovered.

Shopping Used is Good for the Environment

donate your used items to WINS

Choosing pre-loved treasures isn't just about unique finds; it takes the edge off the fast fashion frenzy. Think about it: while fast fashion eats up water, electricity, and gas, opting for vintage or thrifted pieces is like giving the planet a high-five. You get to rock your style, and Mother Earth gets a break from the fashion industry's appetite for resources. When you shop used, you can rest easy knowing you're contributing to Calgary's sustainability. Last year we diverted over 6 million pounds of used furniture, clothing and housewares away from Calgary landfills. That's like filling the Saddledome six times!

If you've got used items you're not sure what to do with, consider donating to our thrift stores!

Shopping at WINS Helps Calgarians in Need

Adyam was helped by people like YOU

Shopping at WINS isn't just about snagging incredible deals; it's about weaving the fabric of community resilience. With each purchase, you're not only scoring stylish finds but also empowering fellow Calgarians to overcome the challenges of poverty and to thrive. It's a cycle of support where every dollar spent is invested to make positive change in our local neighbourhoods. Over 70% of every dollar we make in our stores is reinvested into our Community Resource Programs that support Calgarians in need with the supply of basic needs, emotional support and skill building. Last year, thanks to you and people like you, over 25,000 Calgarians were helped through our Community Support Programs. Read our 2023 Impact Report to learn how YOU helped change thousands of lives.

Love these tips? Share your thrifted finds with us on social media! Tag us @winsyyc on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #shefound for a chance to be featured!


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