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Mom Found: Celebrating our incredible moms this Mother's Day

Updated: May 15

This Mother's Day, WINS is excited to honor what MOMFOUND with us!

We've had the pleasure of chatting with some incredible moms, and diving into their unique journeys here at WINS. And guess what? As the countdown to Mother's Day on May 12th begins, get ready to be swept away by the warmth and inspiration of these amazing stories!

a mother and her daughter smiling

Natasha Found: Security

We’re inspired by Natasha, who found security at WINS after being out of the workforce on maternity leave. She and her husband were worried about job opportunities during the ongoing pandemic with a little one on the way. Natasha inspires us every day with her enthusiasm and passion for helping mothers like her find their own security and fulfillment. Natasha’s favourite thing about WINS is the diversity among employees, volunteers, and program participants. “Collaborating with this varied group has been truly rewarding. The longstanding employees foster a tight-knit atmosphere that feels like family.”

Nancy Found: Baby Clothes

Nancy is a mother and an aunt, and she’s a long-time donor to WINS. Her niece is a young mother on a tight budget supporting two young kids. Nancy referred her to WINS when she was looking for toys and baby clothes. Thanks to the generous donations of kind Calgarians, Nancy’s niece has found quality, gently used baby clothes within her budget. Her kids stay warm and comfortable, and Nancy’s niece can rest easier knowing WINS is a place where she can find what she needs.

Sam Found: Vitality

Sam is a celebrated member of our team here at WINS. Before WINS, Sam spent 14 years working with youth experiencing homelessness in Calgary. Working with youth facing homelessness took its emotional toll on Sam, and it became especially hard for her when she had her first child. She would get home after a long day and would have no energy left to give to her family. At WINS, Sam found vitality again. Sam is inspired as she works to address basic needs, aiming to prevent homelessness before it occurs while making sure that she spends quality time with her own family. She also helps develop our programs to combat isolation, fostering a sense of belonging and community for individuals across all age groups, from young children to seniors. Now, Sam goes home feeling energized and looks forward to making positive changes in the lives of the people who come to WINS for help.

Happy Mother’s Day to these inspiring mothers and to all the mothers and mother figures in our lives!

Looking to support struggling moms this Mother’s Day? Make a donation here. We would also love to hear your stories, too! Share your MOMFOUND story with us on Facebook or Instagram by tagging us @winsyyc and using the hashtag #momfound


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