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Volunteering: The beating heart behind our organization

No one accomplishes anything alone; it’s a common saying, but one that rings especially true for non-profits like ours that are reliant upon our dedicated volunteers. Without the unwavering support from this amazing group of individuals and organizations, who have collaboratively donated 72,000 hours to our cause, we would not be able to deliver the level of services and supports our clients depend upon in order to find and create stability in their lives.

WINS volunteers have collectively donation more than 16,000 hours in 2022

To date, WINS has proudly provided 92,000 services to Calgarians and this is thanks in large part to our volunteers. And this metric doesn’t take into account all of the little ways our volunteers and staff have made a difference for those who have come to us in need.

“One profound moment I experienced while volunteering was when I helped this woman in the store, her children were running around and you can see how overwhelmed she was. When I approached her, I learned that her daughter was visually-impaired and her son was on the spectrum. After spending an hour helping her, she held my hand and said the most heartfelt thank you I’ve ever heard. It was heartbreaking but knowing that I was able to help her with what she needed at that moment was truly heartwarming. I was grateful that I was there for her," says Tamela, WINS Store Volunteer

This Volunteer Week, taking place from April 16 to 22, is the perfect opportunity to see firsthand the vital work we do at WINS in connecting our clients to life-changing services and resources. Whether they are accessing any our many supports through our Community Resource Hubs or rebuilding their lives through our House to Home program or embarking on a new career through our Employment Services, Retail Ready and Warehouse Ready, our clients know they have a dedicated community behind them, and for this we are forever grateful to our staff and volunteers.

“What I love about volunteering at WINS is how much I can help the staff members. By keeping donations organized, I make their jobs easier, and I get to contribute to a worthy cause. The kind and appreciative people at WINS keep me coming back, knowing that I am helping women have a better life, which makes me a better person too," says Ashley, Program Hubs Volunteer.

Throughout Volunteer Week, follow along on our social media as we share some of the amazing stories that inspire our volunteers to continue to support WINS’ mission. This contribution of time and effort is especially vital as we continue to bolster our volunteer base following the surge in need due to the pandemic and the arrival of Ukrainian refugees.

“WINS changed my life in so many ways. They gave me my first Canadian work experience as a volunteer, which eventually led to my first paid job as a Volunteer Coordinator. But more than that, it gave me a sense of purpose and belonging. I felt like I was contributing to my new community in a meaningful way. What I love most about WINS is the people. They are all warm, friendly, and welcoming, making me feel like I was part of a big family. I could see they truly care about the work they do and I’m glad that I get to be a part of that, too. If you're a newcomer to Canada looking to make a difference and be part of something amazing, I encourage you to join WINS as a volunteer. It may just change your life, too,” Anastasiia, Volunteer Coordinator.

We strive to pay everything forward, which includes creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where our volunteers can gain useful work and life experience while giving back to their community and protecting the environment. We are continuously inspired by the accomplishments of our volunteers and their ability to foster a network of caring and compassionate individuals.

Ready to help us make a difference in the lives of women and children in Calgary? Visit our Volunteer Page to learn about the upcoming and ongoing opportunities to support the Women in Need Society.


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