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Protecting Families each day. Together, everyone WINS

Every day, there are hundreds of women and families across Calgary who are faced with the devastating consequences of family violence. Each year, Calgary responds to 20,000 calls related to domestic violence in our city.

While we have made great strides in educating our community about these issues and providing support for those affected by domestic violence, we still have much work to do.

Family Violence Prevention Month is an important reminder that ending family violence is everyone's responsibility. It's up to us all to help end this cycle of abuse once and for all.

At WINS, our unwavering commitment revolves around creating a safer, more secure community, free from the grasp of family violence. We tirelessly work to prevent abuse and provide support to families.

We have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are ready to help you with your needs, whatever they may be. We offer a wide range of services and programs to support the well-being of anyone experiencing family violence, including:

  • Informative Resources: Our Community Resource Hubs are stocked with handouts and posters to raise awareness, which visitors can take or photograph for their own reference. At our Community Resource Hubs, you will also find ways to become a part of our House to Home program, which is for those escaping family violence, and provides support in restarting their lives.

  • Supportive & Knowledgeable Staff: Our Community Support staff are well-informed about family violence resources, ensuring people can easily access help. They can assist with disclosures and safety planning, offering crisis assessments, and guidance. We work with family violence survivors to build their confidence, access mental health resources, search for housing, and create a plan to access government support.

  • Collaboration & Partnerships: We partner with various Calgary agencies to facilitate participant access to support when experiencing family violence. We have a strong partnership with Radiance, which includes on-site mental health therapists at our Hubs to connect participants with family violence support.

Visit our Family Violence Prevention page to learn more about our resources and how you can support WINS.


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