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Your potential is limitless, let us help you find your place in the workforce

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to find a fulfilling job and become self-sufficient. That's why we offer two programs that help participants reach their career goals: Retail Ready and Warehouse Ready.

Akberet is a retail ready student at our Dover location

Retail Ready is a six-week training program that helps individuals with barriers to employment get the skills they need to find stable employment.

The program gives participants hands-on experience in the retail industry by offering classroom and in-store training at WINS Thrift Stores. The curriculum covers topics including customer service, merchandising and sales, inventory management and inventory loss prevention.

Participants learn how to identify what products sell well in their community, as well as how to properly price items at the register. They also receive tips on how to interact with customers and how to handle difficult situations like returns and exchanges.

With this training, participants gain confidence and experience working in our retail environment while learning valuable job skills. Once they complete the program, students will not only feel more confident in a new career, but they will also feel more successful and confident in their personal lives.

Similarly, Warehouse Ready helps participants gain education and experience for employment in the warehouse industry. This includes training for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, forklift operation, and other essential certifications, as well as on the job experience at our Donation Centre. We also help program participants with resume and cover letter writing, and practice interviews which help them enhance their job interview skills.

Our goal with Warehouse Ready is to provide participants with an opportunity that will help them get their foot in the door in various industries including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics companies in Calgary or wherever they choose to apply. To learn more about Retail Ready and Warehouse Ready, visit

To apply for Retail Ready, click here. To apply for Warehouse Ready apply here.


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