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Reintroducing the WINS Brand

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We can’t say thank you enough to the people who allow us to pursue our mission to connect women and their families with the resources they need to thrive in Calgary. We have a deep and unwavering belief in this vision of growth and inclusivity. To mirror this commitment, we are introducing our new brand elements.

Your continued support in four crucial areas – donating, shopping, volunteering and supporting those who are in need – brings us closer to our vision in seeing all women and gender-diverse individuals thriving and building resilient families in this vibrant city.

Our goal is for more people to know about WINS and understand how we work. We welcome all to the WINS family to donate goods and funds, shop our stores, and volunteer your time and expertise, so we can keep providing support when needed. Our new brand elements tell this story.

Reintroducing the WINS Butterfly

Our logo has long been a symbol of collaboration, diversity, integrity, innovation, and sustainability – all of which are foundational values for WINS. As we continue to grow and build capacity, we want to showcase how we can continue to evolve with these values at our core. This is why we are proud to introduce the new look and feel of WINS.

WINS Brand Colours

As Calgary’s homegrown social enterprise charity, WINS survives and thrives through the support of the community and our new brand colours reflect this journey which all begins with YOU.

By giving your preloved items a second chance through our social enterprise, you help us provide affordable, sustainable shopping alternatives. When you gift us money, your dollars fund our community support and services that help those who need it most. When you dedicate your time and skills to us as a volunteer, you allow us to expand our capacity. YOU help us promote circular economy while doing good for our environment and the Calgary community.

WINS Brand Colours 2023

The colour assigned to each WINS Butterfly Wing is associated with our brand pillars, which underlines the work that we do: Donate, Shop, Volunteer, and Support.

WINS Yellow: DONATE Yellow acts as a warm, inviting visual beacon, lighting the way for gifting funds and everyday items, or sparking a desire to donate in other ways. Your donations and monetary gifts are the heartbeat of our social enterprise.


Navy Blue represents trust and reliability. As a thrifter in the city, a budget is often in mind and the thrill of the treasures you can find, thus the colour blue is the perfect association of all of our social enterprises. Thrifting is more than just shopping, it’s a fun and responsible way to buy the items you need and pay your money forward.


Coral Pink is considered a colour that encourages longevity, prosperity, and energy which is the perfect description of our volunteers. Ensuring the vibrancy of our community means stepping up to do your part and give back. WINS provides volunteer opportunities that allow individuals, groups and organizations to connect with the community and make a real difference in the lives of those in need.


Evergreen symbolizes fresh beginnings, potential, and progress. When our participants come through our doors, we want them to feel a sense of hope and growth. This is why we are embracing the word ‘support’ that will refer to WINS’ community programs and services. WINS’ numerous programs and services work to educate, inform and inspire individuals to succeed. Our community support serves as a haven for people and families to thrive through the nurturing and encouragement of our dedicated staff.

Whether you donate, shop, or volunteer, you are helping transformative programs that benefit people in our Calgary community, because…

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Isa Duffy
Isa Duffy
08 dic 2023

Well done, refreshing brand identity

Me gusta
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