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Thank You, Volunteers! Volunteer Appreciation Week 2024

WINS volunteers

We know we are fortunate to have the support of some of the most incredible people in our volunteer program. Our volunteers play a crucial role in our mission, generously sharing their time, energy, and skills. Their dedicated contributions play a pivotal role in expanding the reach of our efforts. By joining our volunteer force, individuals and groups extend a helping hand that amplifies our impact on women and their families. Through this collective effort, we provide the support needed to cultivate lasting stability and bring happiness and fulfillment to countless lives.  

The theme for this National Volunteer Week is Every Moment Matters. Every moment of a volunteer’s contribution matters. Especially now, with so many families that need our help. The sharing of your time, skills, empathy, and creativity is vital to WINS’ mission to help families facing poverty in Calgary go from surviving to thriving. 

Here are some 2023 highlight moments:

Last Christmas, our Gift Rooms were a success thanks to volunteer efforts! Our Gift Rooms are specifically designed to give families the opportunity to come in and pick out a brand-new gift for their children who otherwise may not have anything under the tree. Volunteers supported us by wrapping presents, taking families through the gift rooms and clothing rooms to help them choose the right gift for their children, and making sure our rooms were always full!  

gift room christmas 2023

During last year’s Easter event, volunteers supported us in setting up the Easter Egg hunt and welcoming families and their children who came to take part. Most importantly, they made sure everyone had fun. 

easter eggs

For our Backpack Program, volunteers supported us in sorting backpacks and handing them out to families as they came in. Our volunteers were warm and welcoming to every parent and child who came through our doors, creating a space of community and connection for all. 

Family helped through WINS 2023 backpack program

For Warehouse Ready, volunteers supported our participants with mock interviews. They helped build their confidence for formal interviews by asking them practice questions and providing helpful feedback to set them up for success. 

warehouse ready student

To commemorate our volunteers' special moments, we wanted to learn more about why they chose WINS and what they like about donating their time to our cause. We were blown away by their inspiring and heartfelt answers.

Thank you all for everything you do, volunteers! You give WINS so much. It’s not just your time—you connect with people, you make a difference, and you create a home for yourselves and others within a supportive community.

Your compassion, empathy, and commitment to connect with others creates real positive change.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week!  

Would you like to become a volunteer? Apply here now!  


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