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Furnishing Hope: How Your Donations Help Struggling Calgary Families Build Homes Through WINS

Our economic changes have hit Calgary's most vulnerable populations especially hard. With job losses mounting and incomes declining, many low-income families have struggled to afford even basic necessities. This has led to a dramatic rise in demand for the services of charitable organizations like Women in Need Society (WINS).

Requests for essential items, through our House to Home program, have increased by 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels.  

We aim to provide furniture and other household items to those most in need. This includes families transitioning out of homelessness, women and children fleeing domestic violence, refugees just arriving in Canada, and individuals suffering from mental health issues or addictions. All of these vulnerable groups have experienced intensified needs due to the pandemic's economic fallout. By donating gently used furniture, community members can provide essential support that helps struggling families regain stability. Even small items like lamps, pillows, and cookware make a concrete difference in the lives of those WINS serves. With demand rising, furniture donations are needed now more than ever.

How Furniture Donations Help

Furniture donations from the community make a real difference for families in need. Having basic furniture provides dignity and normalcy during difficult times.

"When we left our home, we had nothing. The couch and table donated by WINS allowed us to turn our empty apartment into a home." - Sarah, single mother of 3

With community support, WINS can provide families with necessities like:

  • Beds and Mattresses - Ensuring kids have a place to sleep is so important for their health and education. No child should be sleeping on the floor.

  • Kitchen Tables - Having a place to gather for family meals brings comfort and connection.

  • Dressers - Storing clothing neatly helps maintain dignity.

  • Couches - A living room couch offers families a place to relax, bond, and make memories.

Small pieces of furniture make a big difference for those working to get back on their feet during tough circumstances. With many families one paycheck away from homelessness, donated furniture provides stability when they need it most.

Most-Needed Furniture Items

WINS is always in need of gently used furniture including beds, tables, dressers, sofas, and more to provide homes for local families in need. When donating furniture, here are some key things to keep in mind regarding condition:

  • Beds - Must be in good, usable condition with no infestations, rips, tears, or stains on the mattress. Box springs also need to be in good shape.

  • Tables and Chairs - should be sturdy and free of major damage and defects.

  • Dressers - Drawers should slide easily without catching. Avoid donating dressers with missing hardware or those needing extensive repairs.

  • Sofas/Couches - Upholstery should be clean and free of major stains, tears or damage. Structural integrity is important, so check for broken legs or frames.

Ensuring that furniture donated is in good condition is crucial for maximizing its impact and providing meaningful assistance to those in need. Donating furniture in good condition reinforces the dignity of the individuals receiving the items. It communicates that their well-being and comfort are valued, contributing to a sense of respect and self-worth. To donate, visit our Donation Centre or any of our WINS Thrift stores across Calgary. For assistance in picking up your Furniture donations, we've partnered with select local businesses to arrange a hassle-free pickup. You can learn more about our Collector Services.

For general information on donating your items, please visit our Donate Goods page. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

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