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Help a Mom in Calgary this Mother's Day

We know that being a mom means doing anything you can to provide for your family, and we’re here to support moms no matter where they are in their journey.

a mother with her daughter
This Mother’s Day, you can help us help moms in need

This Mother’s Day, you can help us help moms in need when you shop in our WINS Stores or by making a donation online.

Building a Secure Foundation for Families

Your monetary and gently-used clothing, household items and furniture donations to WINS are so much more than that, these gifts are the building blocks for women to take control of their lives. Through House to Home by WINS, our clients can get all of the essentials to furnish their homes and provide for their families. We do our best to provide an elevated experience for anyone accessing this program through our WINS Stores, so they feel empowered to create a loving and stable home environment. When you shop in our thrift stores this Mother’s Day, you can support moms in need by making a $5 donation and you’ll receive a Mother’s Day card and a chance to take home a WINS gift basket.

“I moved here from Ontario in February 2022, leaving a difficult situation. With two luggage bags and my children in tow, I was anticipating it would be difficult for us to do the move. But thanks to WINS' House to Home Program, I was able to build a home for my children. The support was amazing,” said Chantel, a House to Home Program participant.

“The House to Home Program made living in a different city more comfortable. They provided me with the basic furniture I needed and everyone in the program was great. I was also able to make new friends, which to me, was equally important. Everyone was so supportive, so comforting, and non-judgmental. I felt accepted.”

The One-Stop Shop for Women's Futures

Your support ensures we can continue delivering our vital services to help women, children, and anyone in need accessing our Community Resource Hubs. These Hubs provide people in need with tools to care for their families, with staff dedicated to ensuring their needs are met. Whether we are connecting them with community agencies such as the food bank or working with them directly through our parenting workshops and women’s groups, we are committed to helping them in any way we can.

People can also utilize these hubs for basic employment support, public access computers, and a variety of programming such as English as a Second Language. When we empower women in our city, we are helping create strong families and a vibrant community. This Mother’s Day, our Community Resource Hubs will be providing flowers and greeting cards for kids to show their appreciation for the mothers in their lives.

“My husband and I had four children when we moved here from Iraq, and he was unable to work due to an injury sustained in a car accident. We were living on welfare, and things were tough. But then I got pregnant with our fifth child, and that's when the House to Home program came into our lives. Through Charlie's Children, we were given a mattress, stroller, crib, car seat, and even a bathtub for babies. It was a huge relief to receive these things.,” said Zainab, a Community Resource Hub participant. “Through the Community Resource Hub, we received an upgraded car seat for our two-year-old, as well as food like cupcakes and fresh bread. I was laughing and having a wonderful time speaking to the program facilitator, which helped me feel like I have people I can turn to whenever I need help. Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of so many immigrant mothers. Your generous donation helped me and many others who are in the same situation.”

This Mother’s Day, make a difference for a mom in Calgary by supporting WINS. Together, we can make it a special day for all of the women in our community working to give their families the best life possible.


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