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5 Tips to be a Dynamite Donor

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Are you looking to step up your donation game this year? Is 2023 the year you embrace “out with the old” to make space for the things you love? Read on to learn our five tips to be a dynamite donor when donating items to WINS Calgary.

What to Donate - We Accept Donations for the Whole Family

WINS gladly accepts new or gently-used items in good working order, free of stains, rips, pet hair and other damage. We collect women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and shoes, backpacks, purses, wallets, hats, mittens, scarves, socks and jewelry donations.

In addition, we appreciate donations of household goods, small electric appliances, electronics and household decor items, furniture and sporting equipment. View the complete list of items we accept at our locations across Calgary.

What Not to Donate

While we truly appreciate your donations, we do not accept items that are damaged or pose health concerns. These items include hazardous materials, chemicals, large appliances like BBQs and fridges, baby products like cribs or strollers, helmets and musical instruments. You can view a full list of items we do not accept here.

Make Sure Your Donations Are in New or Gently-Used Condition

WINS appreciates your special attention to the condition of the items you donate, as we only accept new or gently-used items. To us, the term “gently-used” refers to a garment that is in great condition, household goods that are still in usable condition or furniture that is ready to furnish a home.

Sort Your Goods

Want to be a dynamite donor? Sort your goods to make them easier and safer for yourself and our staff. Group all similar items when packaging; clothing in one box and household items in another! Are you looking for a pick-up? WINS has partnered with several providers to assist with the collection of goods. Click here for more details about collector services.

Where to Donate

Clothing and household donations are accepted at all six of our WINS thrift store locations across Calgary, including our Donation Centre. View a complete list of our locations here. Large furniture items and household goods can be donated at our Dover and Macleod stores and the WINS’ Donation Centre. For more information about donating to WINS Calgary, visit our webpage.


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