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Supporting Calgary Families: Hani of Superior Vacuums on Why He Donates to WINS

Updated: May 24

From donating refurbished vacuums to families in need to hearing the touching story of a single father who received hope and dignity through his gift, Hani's commitment to helping Calgary's struggling families shines through.

We were grateful for the opportunity to sit down with Hani at his Superior Vacuums Calgary store right on the edge of Kensington. The store was bright with morning light streaming in through the tall windows, and no matter where we looked we saw vacuums of all shapes, sizes, and colours. They're expertly displayed on shelves across every wall and lined up neatly along the floor. We'd hardly had a moment to knock before Hani welcomed us warmly into the store and invited us into a cozy coffee room off to the right of the entrance. With teas in hand, we settled down to ask Hani how he chose to support WINS and why the organization matters to him.

“What I know about WINS is what I read online - that your organization helps women and families in need. Calgary is a great city, but there are those fortunate and unfortunate. When we have refurbished vacuums that work perfectly well but can't be sold, we don't want to simply throw them away. We found WINS when looking for a place to donate the vacuums we can't sell. When I learned about the work WINS does to help people struggling with poverty in Calgary, donating to your organization was an easy decision.

“Being from North Africa, I have a personal connection to the struggle of new immigrant families. I want to help people who are struggling. It’s unbelievable that some families don’t have a vacuum cleaner just to live in a clean environment, so knowing that we can provide that to families in need through WINS is very meaningful. Very few people know that a vacuum needs to be serviced to clean properly. And a properly working vacuum makes a huge difference to the air quality in a home.

“I was moved when I learned the story of a man who broke down crying when he received one of our vacuums through WINS. Knowing that a struggling family was helped - that's why we do this. We know WINS makes a difference, and we get to be a part of that.”

Jack is the man Hani recalled – he’s a single father raising six children alone. His wife passed away in 2021, and at that time, Jack was forced to leave his job to care for his kids. Jack came to WINS asking for help caring for his children and providing for his home. Receiving a vacuum gave Jack a sense of hope and dignity, giving him the tools to make his home a clean environment for his family.

Thank you for your generous support, Hani! With support from people like you, Calgarians like Jack know they’re not alone and have the support they need so they can make their house a home.  Change lives like Jack's by making your own donation today!


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